Attention Providers of Sections 13, 17, 28, 65, and 92 

MaineCare is conducting rate studies for the sections of the MaineCare Benefits Manual named above. These studies are being performed by Burns and Associates, a division of Health Management Associates. 

We are gathering input from providers through surveys to inform the rate studies. To provide your input, please download and complete the cost survey available at the Burns website and send your completed survey to Burns by May 23. Filling out the survey is voluntary, and all information gathered through the survey will be treated as confidential and used only for the purposes of the rate study. 

Data from the surveys will be one of the factors considered in the development of proposed changes to payment policies and rates. We will present these proposals at a public meeting this summer, so that stakeholders can offer comments on the proposed rates and their underlying methodologies and assumptions.  The Department will then develop final rates taking into consideration those comments. Resulting rates will have varying effective dates in calendar year 2023, depending on the section of policy. 

If you have trouble accessing the survey or have questions about the survey, please contact Karl Matzinger with Burns & Associates at    

For additional context on both the survey and the rate study process, you can view the recordings of the provider advisory kick off meetings for these services on the Burns website; there are recordings for a “Global Kickoff Meeting” and for service-specific meetings. 

If you have questions about the rate study process, please contact your Provider Relations Specialist

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