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Who We Are

MaineCare is Maine’s Medicaid program. It is funded by the federal and state government. MaineCare provides free or low-cost health insurance and other health benefits to Mainers who meet certain requirements, usually based on income, disability, or age. MaineCare helps to ensure that all Maine people are able to access the critical health services, both preventative and emergency, that enable them to live healthy, safe, and resilient lives.

What We Do

MaineCare employees administer MaineCare services by reimbursing health care providers for the vital services, medication, and equipment they provide our members. In addition to MaineCare providers, we partner with other DHHS offices, vendors, advocacy groups, and community resources to ensure our members receive high quality health coverage.

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Careers at MaineCare

Interested in joining a team committed to advancing health equity efforts to improve access to care and positive health outcomes for all low-income Mainers? Check the State of Maine job page today for openings at MaineCare.