2009 Healthcare Reviews

Below are the Certificate of Need healthcare reviews conducted for the year 2009.

Hospital Reviews

Central Maine Health Care

Maine Medical Center – P6 Geriatric Psychiatric Inpatient Unit

Mid Coast Hospital

o   Application - Withdrawn (Received June 30, 2009) (Adobe PDF*)

New England Rehabilitation Hospital of Portland – Renovation Project

  • Letter of Intent (received December 26, 2008) (Adobe PDF**)
  • Letter of Intent - Withdrawn (Received March 4, 2009) (Adobe PDF**)

St. Joseph’s Hospital

Other Hospital Reviews

Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems – Emergency Receiver of DECH

MaineHealth and Southern Maine Medical Center (Membership Proposal)

o   Attachment A (Adobe PDF*)

o   Attachment B (Adobe PDF*)

Waldo County and MaineHealth

Nursing Facility Reviews

First Atlantic Healthcare - Katahdin Nursing Home, Inc.

Genesis HealthCare – Marshwood Center

Not Subject to Review

Acadia Hospital - Psychiatric Observation Unit Proposal

  • Letter of Intent (Received July 31, 2009) (Adobe PDF*)

Blue Hill Memorial Hospital

  • Letter of Intent (Received July 15, 2009) (Adobe PDF**)

Central Maine Orthopedics (CMO)

  • Letter of Intent (Received December 26, 2008) (Adobe PDF**)


  • Letter of Intent ( Received September 21, 2009) (Adobe PDF**)

Dialysis Clinic, Inc.

  • Letter of Intent (Received December 31, 2008) (Adobe PDF**)

Elizabeth Levinson Center – Level of Care Projects

  • Letter of Intent (Received January 13, 2009) (Adobe PDF**)

Inland Hospital

  • Letter of Intent (Received July 20, 2009) (Adobe PDF**)

Magnetic Resonance Technologies of Maine, L.P.

  • Letter of Intent (Received May 28, 2009) (Adobe PDF**)

MaineGeneral - Da Vinci Robot

  • Letter of Intent (Received July 13, 2009) (Adobe PDF**)

Maine Medical Center - Bi-Plane Equipment Replacement

  • Letter of Intent (Received September 30, 2009) (Adobe PDF*)

Maine Medical Partners - Acquisition of Maine Neurology P.A.

Mayo Regional Hospital

  • Letter of Intent (Received March 24, 2009) (Adobe PDF**)

Millinocket Regional Hospital - Upgrade Project Request

  • Letter of Intent (Received November 02, 2009) (Adobe PDF*)

Mount Desert Island Hospital

  • Letter of Intent (Received April 10, 2009) (Adobe PDF**)

St. Andre Health Care Facility

  • Letter of Intent (Received November 30, 2009) (Adobe PDF**)

St. Mary's Regional Medical Center

  • Letter of Intent (Received October 20, 2009) (Adobe PDF**)

Sun Healthcare Group, Inc.

  • Letter of Intent - (Received September 25, 2009) (Adobe PDF*)

Sunbury Medical Associates

  • Letter of Intent (Received November 13, 2009) (Adobe PDF**)

York Hospital - MHHEFA

  • Letter of Intent (Received November 17, 2009) (Adobe PDF**)

Simplified Reviews

Maine Medical Center – Simulation Center

Subsequent Reviews

Southern Maine Medical Center, Maine Medical Center, Goodall Hospital - Cancer Care Center