MaineCare Rule #305A - DEL Asset Test Removal

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10-144 C.M.R. Ch. 333; Low Cost Drugs for the Elderly and Disabled (DEL) Manual

MaineCare Rule # 305A – DEL Asset Test Removal

The adopted rule change removed the asset test, Section 2.1, effective retroactive to January 1, 2024. The adopted rule change is based on a legislative change to 22 M.R.S. § 254-D(4)(B) made by P.L. 2023, ch. 412, Part EEEEE. Retroactive rulemaking is permissible under 22 M.R.S. § 42(8) as this update provides a benefit to recipients and applicants.

The Department determined it necessary to make a non-substantial change to the final rule. Section 2.1, Assets, “Liquid assets are defined in 10-144 CMR Ch. 332 Part 16, MaineCare Eligibility Manual.” is removed from the adopted rule as this sentence is irrelevant and unnecessary.

This rule will not have an adverse impact on municipalities or small businesses.

Statutory Authority

22 M.R.S. §§ 42(1) and (8); 254-D(4)(B)

Effective date

February 4, 2024


Office: Office for Family Independence

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