HOPE Rule #103A - Mileage Reimbursement Update

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The adopted rule updates Section 4(B)(3) – Transportation to align with the rate afforded to those covered under the Maine Service Employees Association (MSEA) contract. The adopted rule refers readers to the State of Maine rate found on the Department of Administrative and Financial Services, Office of State Controller at https://www.maine.gov/osc/travel/mileage-other-info. The Department determined it necessary to make a non-substantive change to provide clarity to the final rule. Section 4(3) is updated to read “Effective March 1, 2024, mileage will be paid at the State of Maine mileage reimbursement rate set by the Department of Administrative and Financial Services Office of the State Controller found at https://www.maine.gov/osc/travel/mileage-other-info for the most direct route up to the weekly limit.”

The adopted rule change is effective retroactive to March 1, 2024. Retroactive rulemaking is permissible under 22 M.R.S. § 42(8) as this update provides a benefit to HOPE recipients or beneficiaries and does not adversely impact applicants, participants, beneficiaries, or providers.

This rule will not have an adverse impact on municipalities or small businesses.


Office: Office for Family Independence

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Email: Sheri.Wilkins@maine.gov

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