Class V Well Registration

Under the federal UIC Program, many types of subsurface discharge are authorized by rule.  As long as the discharge is registered with the appropriate federal or state authority, the discharge can occur as long as it does not endanger ground water.    

Class V wells are authorized by rule provided they are registered with the DEP.  Class V wells include all other injection wells that are not included in Classes I through IV.  Class V wells inject non-hazardous fluids into or above an aquifer.  They are typically shallow, on-site subsurface disposal systems, such as floor drains that discharge into dry wells, septic systems, leach fields, and similar types of drainage systems.  Examples of Class V wells include, but are not limited to:

  • Stormwater Drainage Wells used to remove storm water and urban runoff from surfaces such as roadways, roofs, and paved surfaces to prevent flooding;
  • Aquifer Recharge Wells used to re-supply dwindling ground water resources;
  • Fluid Return Wells receive discharges of water that has been used for heating or cooling a heat pump;
  • Large-capacity Septic Systems with septic tanks and disposal fields that receive solely domestic wastewater and have the capacity to serve 20 or more persons per day or dispose of 2,000 or more of domestic wastewater per day; and
  • Other Injection Wells that receive non-hazardous, industrial and commercial wastewater, such as wastewater from manual car washes; snowmelt from cars and trucks; non-contact cooling water; and filter backwash from swimming pools and hot tubs.


Please send completed forms to:

Underground Injection Control Program
Maine Dept. of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Water Quality
17 State House Station
Augusta, ME  04333-0017

Fax:  (207) 287-3435

Contact: Nathan Durant (207) 242-3483

Unless you hear otherwise, you may assume that your subsurface discharge is authorized.