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The Maine Department of the Secretary of State, Bureau of Corporations, Elections and Commissions maintains online copies of agency rule chapters.

The electronic version maintained by the Department of the Secretary of State and are in MS Word format unless otherwise noted. Rule chapters downloaded from the site should not be considered "official" state rules for use before a court. Contact the Secretary of State's Administrative Proccedure Act Office for certified copies of rule chapters.

For general questions regarding Department Rulemaking please contact Mark Margerum (207) 287-7842. For specific questions regarding Rules applicability please contact program staff.

Ch. 2, Rule Concerning the Processing of Applications and Other Administrative Matters
Ch. 3, Rules Concerning the Conduct of Licensing Hearings
Ch. 200, Metallic Mineral Exploration, Advanced Exploration and Mining
Ch. 305, Natural Resources Protection Act - Permit by Rule Standards
Ch. 310, Wetlands and Waterbodies Protection
Ch. 315, Assessing and Mitigating Impacts to Existing Scenic and Aesthetic Uses
Ch. 321, Shoreland Zoning Ordinance for Municipality of Freedom
Ch. 335, Significant Wildlife Habitat
Ch. 342, Significant Groundwater Wells
Ch. 355, Coastal Sand Dune Rules
Ch. 371, Definitions of Terms Used in Site Location of Development Law and Regulations
Ch. 372, Policies and Procedures Under Site Location Law
Ch. 373, Financial and Technical Capacity Standards of the Site Location of Development Act
Ch. 375, No Adverse Environmental Effect Standards of the Site Location of Development Act
Ch. 376, Soil Types Standard of Site Location Law
Ch. 377, Review of Roads Under Site Location of Development Law
Ch. 378, Variance Criteria for the Excavation of Rock, Borrow, Topsoil, Clay or Silt and Performance Standards for the Storage of Petroleum Products
Ch. 380, Long-Term Construction Projects under the Site Location of Development Act
Ch. 382, Wind Energy Act Standards
Ch. 450, Administrative Regulations for Hydropower Projects
Ch. 500, Stormwater Management
Ch. 501, Stormwater Management Compensation Fees and Mitigation Credit
Ch. 502, Direct Watersheds of Lakes Most at Risk from New Development, and Urban Impaired Streams
Ch. 1000, Guidelines for Municipal Shoreland Zoning Ordinances