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DEP Interactive Maps and Data

    The Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management

    • Technical Services Spill Projects (Data Refreshed Daily)  
    • Hazardous Oil Spill System (HOSS) Sites (Data Refreshed Every Saturday Night)  
    •   DISCLAIMER: The HOSS sites dataset does not contain the locations of all spills recorded by the Maine DEP.
        The master list containing all spills recorded by the state (including all unlocated spills) can be found here.
    • Oil Spill Geographic Response Strategies - Marine (11/17/2020)  
    • Registered Petroleum Tanks Database (Map Data Refreshed Daily)     (Text File Updated Monthly):
      • Registered Tank Spatial Data  
      • Registered Tanks Chamber Data  
      • NOTE: The Registered Petroleum Tanks Google Earth version is no longer available or supported. Please use the ArcGIS Online version above.  
    • Remediation Sites (Institutional Controls) Database (Data Refreshed Every Saturday Night)    
    • NOTE: The RemediationSites Google Earth version is no longer available or supported. Please use the ArcGIS Online version above.  
    • Solid Waste - Closed Municipal Landfills (10/14/2020)    
    • Solid Waste Recycling Locations (Data Refreshed As Needed)  
    • To download a spreadsheet of recycling locations in Maine as of 5/21/2024, click here: Recycling Locations.
    • Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management program contacts: Contacts.

    The Bureaus of Land Resources and Water Quality

    • 1982 Maine River Study  
    • Aquatic Invasive Plant Locations (Updated Annually)    
    • Aquifer Quantitative Use Assessment (AQUA) Index (11/17/2009)  
    • Bacteria Monitoring Survey (Including Stream TMDL, Volunteer River Monitoring and links to the Maine Healthy Beaches data)(Under Construction-Back Soon!)  
    • Biomonitoring Stream and Wetland Sampling Data (3/25/2024)    
    • CMP NECEC Project Layers (Updated:January 6th, 2021 - These datasets might take several minutes to initially download due to their large size.)  
      • Approved Plan (NECEC Project Data 10/10/2019)  
      • NECEC Revision 1 December 30, 2020  
    • Head of Tide Locations (7/16/2019)    
    • Integrated Report Segments - 2024 (Draft) and 2018/2020/2022 (Final):  
      • ArcGIS Map Package (NOTE: Must have a licensed copy of ArcGIS Pro software installed to use this link.)  
    • Low Tide Orthoimagery  
      • Casco Bay 2013  
      • Casco Bay 2018  
      • South Coast 2021 (Elliot to Cape Elizabeth)  
      • Casco Bay 2022  
      • Mid-Coast 2023  
    • Maine Dams, Levees, Impoundments & Barriers  
    • Maine Healthy Beaches Program -   Beach Status  
    • Maine Bald Eagle Retrospective  
    • Maine Lake Information (Moving to ESRI Web Services - Returning Soon)  
    • Maine Boat Pumpout Stations and No Discharge Areas (8/30/2021)    
    • Medomak River Water Quality Survey  
    • Mining Sites (2/09/2024)        
    • Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer Systems Regulated Areas (5/27/2014)    
    • NLCD Impervious Surface Change Tool for Stormwater Management  
    • Non Point Source - Historical and Current Projects  
    • NRPA Habitat Data (NRPA datasets are produced and maintained by Maine IF&W)  Please contact Maine IF&W with any questions regarding NRPA Habitat layers and map viewers. Maine IF&W BwH Contacts  

    • Overboard Discharges (1/11/2023)    
    • Permit By Rule Locations (6/14/2023)    
    • Seagrass (Polygons Only)  
      • Casco Bay 2013  
      • Casco Bay 2018  
      • South Coast 2021 - Elliot to Cape Elizabeth  
      • Casco Bay 2022  
      • Mid-Coast 2023  
    • Site Location of Development and Stormwater Law Permits: 2006 to present (12/21/2022)    
    • Stormwater Discharges from Regulated Industrial Activities    
    • Undeveloped Habitat Blocks  
    • Urban Impaired Streams Watersheds (9/26/2023)    
    • Wastewater Licensed Dischargers and Critical Salmon Habitat (12/9/2011)
      • Androscoggin Rivershed  
      • Kennebec Rivershed  
      • Penobscot Rivershed  
    • Wastewater Facilities, Outfalls, and CSO's (MEPDES) (2/22/2024)     Facilities:   Outfalls: CSO:
      Note: Maine DEP plans to update this data twice per year. Updates should occur during January and July. Please refer to this page for the exact date.
  • Waterbody Statutory Classification (This dataset might take a minute or more to initially draw due to its large size.)    
  • Waterbody Statutory Classification History 1965 - 2019 (Map Only):  
  • Waterbody Classification History Case Studies Story Map:  

    Bureau of Land Resources program contacts: Contacts.

    Bureau of Water Quality program contacts: Contacts.

The Bureau of Air Quality

  • Air Monitoring Stations (Under Development)   
  • Air Quality Data and Site Map - current conditions reported from Maine's air quality monitoring sites.(Updated Hourly)  
  • Bureau of Air Quality program contacts: Contacts.

All Bureaus

  • Environmental and Geographic Analysis Database (EGAD)
    • Site Types (Threats to Groundwater and Environmental Monitoring) (Data Refreshed Daily)    
    • NOTE: The EGAD Site Types Google Earth version is no longer available or supported. Please use the ArcGIS Online version above.  
    • Sample Locations    
    • To request data, please fill out our Request EGAD Data Form.
  • Regulated Sites Flood Risk  
  • Maine Public Water Resource Information System  


Downloading Data:  When downloadable data is available for GIS Users there are three options:
    Option 1:  Use the raw data file alternate links above to download a shapefile or text file.
    Option 2:  Click on the project or layer links in the Google Earth table of contents (Places window).  In the balloon, there will be a link to a text file with attribute data and spatial coordinates that can be imported into most GIS systems.
    Option 3:  Use the GIS download link to take you the ArcGIS Hub or Maine GeoLibrary open data site(s) and look for the download option to the right of the title.

Feedback:  If you would like to comment on the use of Google Earth, ArcGIS Online, provide suggestions for improving the functionality, or report problems please go to our Feedback Form.

-  The Maine DEP is only providing the data to be used in the Google Earth application on the user's computer.  We are not responsible for installing or maintaining this software product.
-  The Google Earth imagery dates provided do not necessarily represent the date the image was captured but show the date the imagery was processed and deployed.
-  ArcGIS Online Web maps open within a separate tab on your web browser.  Maine DEP GIS Unit recommends using the Chrome Web browser to view ArcGIS Online Web Maps.
-  For questions regarding data content or data accuracy please contact the staff in the responsible programs using the contact links in each bureau section above. 
-  This data is for visual representation only and may not contain all data that is available by contacting the DEP directly.
-  The individual DEP Google Earth Map projects and ArcGIS Online Web Maps contain a number of statewide data layers.  These layers can be obtained from the Maine GeoLibrary Data Catalog.
-  If you need to make detailed decisions using geospatial data please obtain original copies of the data.


Other Maps and Data

    (The following links are supplied here for your convenience. Please contact the listed agency directly with questions.)

    • Maine Department of Conservation Boat Launches     
    • Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands Conservation Lands    
    • Maine Department of Transportation Urban Compact Zones  
    • Maine Geolibrary Orthoimagery Discovery and Download Tool  
    • Maine Tax Parcels
      • Organized Towns (Maine Office of GIS)    
      • Unorganized Towns (LUPC Zoning and Parcel Viewer)    
    • UTM Coordinate Conversion Tool  

    GIS Data Distribution

    MEDEP staff generate and utilize a large amount of GIS data.  Non-MEDEP GIS data are typically distributed by the Maine GeoLibrary.

    If you can't find the data you are interested in contact the Maine DEP GIS Unit.

    GIS Data Collection

    The MEDEP GIS Unit coordinates the collection and submittal of GIS data from MEDEP program staff and environmental consultants.  This data supports the geographic evaluation of sites and study areas in conjunction with environmental sampling data.  A set of Spatial Data Collection Guidelines is now available to assist with submittal of data to the MEDEP Spatial Database.