Waste Discharge Program

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General materials statutes, rules, protocols, schedule, delegation information, license list, tax exemptions, etc.)
General permits

  • Municipal discharges include the discharge of waste water from municipal or quasi-municipal public sewer systems.
  • Industrial discharges include the discharge of process water water, cooling water and other contaminated waters from industrial or commercial sources.

Overboard Discharges
Stormwater information (MEPDES)
Subsurface Waste Discharge Program

The wastewater discharge law requires that a license be obtained for the discharge of pollutants to a stream, river, wetland, or lake of the state, or to the ocean. Typical discharges include sanitary waste water and process water from industrial or commercial activities. A license is also required for the discharge of pollutants to groundwater, except for subsurface disposal systems installed under the State Plumbing Code.