Nonpoint Source Training Center

The Nonpoint Source (NPS) Training Center provides training to any individual who is involved with soil disturbance activities including filling, excavation, landscaping, and earthwork.

Due to the high rate of soil erosion that occurs on areas disturbed by construction, the use of effective erosion control practices is critical to protecting the quality of Maine waters. For this reason, the Maine Legislature passed the State’s Erosion Control Law. This simply states that adequate measures must be in place to prevent the erosion of sediment and soil from a construction site.

Maine law also requires that any contractor working in the Shoreland zone be certified in Erosion and Sedimentation Control (ESC) To help contractors comply with these laws protecting Maine waters, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has developed a training program on understanding and using effective erosion control techniques.

To become certified in ESC, completion of an 8-hour training course is required followed by a construction site evaluation. Once achieved, this certification can be maintained by completing a minimum of one 4-hour continuing education course within every three-year period thereafter.

Training Courses

Certification and continuing education courses are offered on an annual basis at several locations throughout the state. More information on training course dates and locations can be found on the Training Schedule.

For Additional Information

Contact: John Maclaine, (207) 615-3279, fax (207) 287-2814


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Certification Revocation

Under certain circumstances, certification can be revoked. Revocation is likely if a formal enforcement action is taken against a certified contractor whose failure to employ satisfactory erosion and sediment control practices results in sedimentation of waterbodies or wetlands. NOTE: Certification would not be revoked as a result of sedimentation resulting from unusual storm events, flooding or other conditions beyond the control of the contractor.