Sales Tax Reports

Statistics for Taxable Sales

The taxable sales reports posted here are filtered to prevent the release of sales from store-type groups where the release of the information might identify the sales of a particular taxpayer. Sales information that is initially blocked from release may become available as additional sales tax returns from sellers included in a store-type group are received. Total taxable sales include the sales from any store-type groups that have been omitted in order to maintain taxpayer confidentiality.

Updated taxable sales reports are posted on or about the 15th day of each month. There is a two-month lag in the reporting of taxable sales. For example, taxable sales reports that include sales made during the month of December will be posted on or about the 15th of February. The entire taxable sales history is updated monthly.

Sellers are included in store-type groups based on the primary nature of the business that they are in.

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