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Licensee Search

New Licensee Search Capabilities

The Department of Professional & Financial Regulation is pleased to announce that effective Thursday, March 29, 2007, a newly enhanced “Find a Licensee” application will be available which will provide our customers with a much more robust licensee search capability.  Searches may be performed by regulator, profession, authority/specialty, name, license number, city, county, state, and zip. We also provide the ability for you to download the search results to a comma-delimited text file which will allow you to print your own mailing labels.  We think you’ll agree this is a vast improvement providing a much easier, user-friendly experience.  Check out our new look at


The Department of Professional and Financial Regulation is providing access to information about its licensees as a public service. Despite our efforts to be accurate, this information may contain errors. We present this information to you with a good-faith representation that it is generally reliable; however, do not rely on it for legal purposes. If you need further information, contact us directly.

By clicking on the link below, you acknowledge reading this disclaimer and agree with its terms.

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Tips on Searching :

Select the appropriate agency in the Regulator/Agency field, then type only the first few letters of the name in the appropriate field, followed by the percent sign (%).

For example, to find a hypothetical credit services organization (broker) called MORTGAGE SOLUTIONS OF MAINE:

1. Select "Consumer Credit Regulation" in the Regulator/Agency field

2. Type "mort%" in the Company Name field

3. Click <Find Licensee>

This will return a list of all licensed entities in the Consumer Credit Protection database with company names that start with "mort."

4. From the list, click on MORTGAGE SOLUTIONS OF MAINE to get details on the company


  1. For companies with names that start with "The," use the first word after "The" for the search. For example, to find "The Warm Stove Shoppe," use "Warm%."
  2. This system is still under development. If you are unable to find a particular company, return to the Consumer Credit Protection home page and select the appropriate Roster.


ACTIVE: This entity holds a current, valid license or registration.
EXPIRED: This entity formerly held a license or registration, but did not renew that authority at the end of a regular cycle.
TERMINATED: This entity's license or registration was canceled during a regular cycle, either at the entity's request (e.g. the office was closed or relocated) or for some other reason.