Job Opportunities

Paid Seasonal Positions

Nature Store Clerk

The Maine Wildlife Park is looking for an individual from August 1-November 11 to join our fast-paced team as a part time sales associate in our Nature Store.

This individual is responsible for greeting and acknowledging customers as they arrive, answering questions referring to product within the store, re-stocking shelves, and merchandising.  Cleanliness of the store, including sweeping, vacuuming, sanitizing, and tidying up are required daily.  As a team at the park, we are all responsible for helping to direct the public to locations throughout the facility and answering as many questions as we can for them. The Nature store sales associate is also responsible for counting the stores cash drawer at the end of each shift.

This individual must have both weekday and weekend availability, adhere to the parks Covid-19 requirements, be willing and able to lift and move boxes, able to stand and walk for extended periods of time, in addition to customer service experience.

Please contact the Maine Wildlife Park at including a resume and cover letter with potential availability and contact information.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you!


Game Keeper Intern

The Maine Wildlife Park is looking for an intern to join us part time from August 1-November 11. The park annually has gamekeeping interns to assist our gamekeepers in their daily tasks of park operations. A general lay out of the day includes but is not limited to, opening the park buildings, cleaning the public bathrooms for the days future use, checking all animal resident’s health and wellness throughout the day while feeding and tending to their daily care needs, (poop scooping and refreshing water daily). All food prep areas and meal dishes are cleaned and put away daily.

We do operate in all weather conditions, extreme heat, as well as rain and wind, unless dangerous conditions arise. There are a number of physical labor duties that may include but not limited to: cutting browse and removing old browse for moose, deer, and other small mammals (hauling brush), assisting with cleaning the beaver pond, cleaning animal feces from enclosures, assisting in preparing and feeding all animals, cleaning and changing water bowls, and assisting with maintenance projects when staff needs an extra set of hands.

The Maine Wildlife Park is a facility for animals that will not be re-released into the wild. We work closely with rehabbers to obtain animals that need a forever home, but do not rehab any animals or birds at our facility. All our animal and bird residents are injured, orphaned, or human dependent. Please note that we have little to no physical contact with our animals, as this is often a misconception.

Please contact the Maine Wildlife Park at including a resume and cover letter with potential availability, contact information, class or course requirements, and reason for interest in the Maine Wildlife Park fall internship.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you!