Maine Geolibrary Elevation Discovery and Download Application

The Elevation Discovery and Download Application permits search, discovery, and download of Geolibrary elevation data holdings. Users may search for elevation data via several search methods, and download data to their computers.

NOTE:The Maine GeoLibrary relies on our LiDAR Project Federal Partners to host point cloud data. Those data are not available in the Maine GeoLibrary Data Catalog or this app. Please access point cloud data from The National Map Download App or U.S. Interagency Elevation Inventory App

April 5, 2021

MaineIT completed a system update on 4/3/2021 that restored normal access to the full resolution imagery services hosted by the Maine Office of GIS. The services have been tested and monitored over the last 48 hours and have maintained consistent service over that period. Please feel free to return to normal use of these services to support your GIS workflows. If you experience disruption of normal imagery access, please note the specific image service failure and the time and email your information to the Maine GeoLibrary at

NOTE: This application is NOT intended for visualization of data, it is intended for data discovery and downloading. As such, imagery will not be displayed on the screen.


Notice-June 5, 2020: The Elevation Discovery and Download Application ( issue has been identified and the Maine Office of GIS is pursuing options to improve the function of the application. At this time, users are able to download data with the application. The Maine Office of GIS has found that data downloads in the Elevation application will not always work if the selected tiles involve overlapping data, and occasionally will fail in instances where the original source data is in Esri Grid format. If a user query result returns null data or a limited subset of data in .zip file format, the user should individually download the tiles required.


Please read the application's help pages before using.

Help pages for the Elevation Data Discovery Application

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