Geospatial Data Workgroup

Mission Statement:

The mission of the GeoSpatial Data Work Group is to develop appropriate GeoSpatial data standards and define the GeoSpatial data needs and flows between all levels of government, private sector, and academia to permit the ongoing acquisition of multi- purpose GeoSpatial data for Maine. The workgroup will seek out a strong coalition of state, local, federal, private and non-profit partnerships to achieve this mission.


  • Dan Walters, USGS Liaison
  • Jon Giles Sebago Technics
  • Jake Metzler, Forestry
  • Jamie Carter, NOAA
  • Nate Kane, MeDOT
  • Mal Carey, Public
  • Brett Horr, Town of York
  • Chunzeng Wang, Ph. D., University of Presque Isle
  • Bob White, Emergency Services Communications Bureau
  • Rosemary Mosher, City of Auburn
Staff to Workgroup:
  • Todd Metzler, MeGIS