The Maine GeoLibrary, with support from the Maine Office of GIS, completed the 2012 - 2016 program with great success. In 2016 the State completed a contract with Woolpert, Inc. an Ohio-based firm, for the years 2017 through 2022. This contract provides much lower acquisition costs for all imagery resolutions and greater horizontal accuracies. Economies of scale and contract management savings are passed through to the municipalities.

To view the full application, click here.

County and community pricing may be viewed in the county links below. For counties with significant unorganized territories this new program offers lower participation fees. The County will be asked to provide 1/3 matching funds for only the organized communities.

Unorganized Territories (UT's) will be covered by imagery acquired through the United States Department of Agriculture' s National Agriculture Imagery Program. This is acquired during the summer and may be at either one meter or one-half meter resolutions. Alternatively, if the County is interested in acquiring leaf off imagery for the UT' s and paying for one third of the base cost the GeoLibrary will attempt to find additional matching funds to complete the acquisition.

In addition to lower acquisition costs the contractor is offering additional products for communities that want to participate by buying higher resolution data. A description of these products is described in the program summary.

A brochure describing the program and annual time line for participation is available here.

2017 - 2022 COUNTY PRICING