Planning for Managing Invasive Aquatic Species

2016 DEP Budget Priorities. The budget priorities summary provides descriptions of primary program elements and major budgeted expenses for calendar year 2016. Funding for Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Invasive Aquatic Species Program (IASP) comes from a fee on motorboats using inland waters. Elements of DEP's program include early detection, education, boat inspections, plant control and rapid response, and Task Force/Interstate efforts.

Rapid Response Plan for Invasive Aquatic Plants, Fish, and Other Fauna. The Commissioners of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP) and the Maine Department of Inland Fish and Wildlife (MDIF&W) have agreed to direct their respective agencies' response to new infestations of invasive aquatic species under the auspices of a single, coordinated rapid response plan. Species covered by the plan include invasive plants and fish already in some Maine waters and other exotic organisms not yet established in Maine such as Zebra mussels. Part 1, Plant Protocol and Part 2, Fish and Other Fauna Protocol.

Action Plan for Managing Invasive Aquatic Species. The Action Plan guides the state in managing invasive aquatic species over the next four years. Mandated by the legislature, it was developed by the Interagency Task Force on Invasive Aquatic Plants and Nuisance Species. The Action Plan was approved by the Governor's Land and Water Resources Council in October 2002 and by the Federal Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force in November 2002. This plan is in the process of being updated with completion expected by the end of 2014. With federal approval, Maine is now eligible to apply for federal funds to prevent the introduction and spread of invasive aquatic species. Advisory list. Implementation Program.