Media Advisory: Press Conference regarding Motor Vessel TOO ELUSIVE salvage efforts

June 30, 2022


Thursday, June 30, 2022

2:00 p.m.


Coast Guard Station Portsmouth Harbor

25 Wentworth Road

New Castle, NH

Agency Representatives:

U.S. Coast Guard: LCDR Ryan Koroknay

ME DEP: Mr. Bob Shannon

NH DES: Mr. Bob Bishop


Provide updates on the ongoing salvage operation of M/V TOO ELUSIVE and answer questions/concerns.

Media's video/photos can be captured from the shore or other public access points along the river. Aerial photography and drone flyovers are restricted due to safety issues and potential interference with recovery equipment.

For additional information, contact: David R. Madore, Deputy Commissioner, ME DEP or

Ryan A. Koroknay, LCDR, USCG SEC N NEW ENG (USA) or

James P. Martin, Public Information Officer, NH DES