NECEC appeals to be considered by the Board of Environmental Protection

May 11, 2022

On May 17 and 18, 2022, the Board of Environmental Protection will meet at the University of Maine in Farmington to consider appeals of the Site Location of Development and Natural Resources Protection Act permits issued to Central Maine Power Company and NECEC Transmission LLC to construct the New England Clean Energy Connect project. The Board will consider the appeals of the Natural Resources Council of Maine, NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, and a consolidated group of Maine residents, small businesses and towns referred to as the West Forks Group.

The record of information for the Board's consideration is now closed. The record includes all public comments submitted to the Department during the processing of the license applications, hearing testimony from six days of evidentiary hearings in 2019, and all other records admitted as evidence through the sixteen procedural orders issued by the hearing presiding officer.

The meetings on May 17 and 18 are not public hearings. The meetings are being conducted in accordance with the Departments rules to allow the licensees, the appellants, and persons who were intervenors in the licensing hearing to make oral argument before the Board. No additional evidence or public comment will be accepted at the meeting.

At the May 17-18 meetings, the Board is expected to vote on whether to hold a hearing on the appeals. If the Board votes not to hold a hearing on the appeals, it will proceed on May 18th with deliberations for a possible vote and decision on the merits of the consolidated appeals. If the Board votes to hold a hearing, that hearing would be scheduled for the earliest possible date, and the Board would not deliberate the merits of the consolidated appeals until that date.

Excerpts from the record included in the board packet for the Boards consideration of the NECEC appeals are available at

The public can watch the proceedings live by going to for the video feed. This information will also be included in the agenda for the Board meeting, which will be available at

For additional information, contact: David R. Madore, Deputy Commissioner, DEP or

William F. Hinkel, Executive Analyst, BEP