Ozone Transport Region Petition

As directed by the Governor, the State of Maine is petitioning the United States Environmental Protection Agency for the removal of certain areas of the State of Maine from the Ozone Transport Region (OTR) pursuant to Clean Air Act Section 176A(a)(2). Maine has been and continues to be in attainment with ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards in those areas petitioned for removal, and emissions from Maine sources have negligible impact on the ozone attainment status of any part of the OTR. The information presented in this petition justifies the exclusion of a portion of the State of Maine from the OTR.

The proposed action would enable DEP to limit areas of the state where new OTR emission controls might be required in the future, and to enable Maine facilities to do capital improvement projects without needing to purchase emission offsets. Such projects would still be required to use the best available control technology to limit emissions to the greatest extent practicable. DEP will not rescind any existing emission control requirements that have been adopted because the state is in the OTR.

The Department sent public notice on June 27, 2018 and comments were accepted until August 10, 2018. A public hearing was held on July 30, 2018. Comments that were received during the comment period are available at http://www.maine.gov/dep/ftp/otr-petition/comments/

August 27, 2018 OTR petition submission to US EPA (PDF)

Agency contact:
Jeffrey Crawford
17 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333