Major Source (Title V)

Facilities with the Potential to Emit one or more of the following are major sources:

  • 50 tons per year of VOC for facilities located within the Ozone Transport Region
  • 10 tons per year of a single Hazardous Air Pollutant
  • 25 tons per year of all Hazardous Air Pollutants combined
  • 100 tons per year of any other regulated pollutant

Major sources of air emissions are regulated under both Chapter 115 and Chapter 140 of the Department's Regulations.

Installation of new equipment or modification of existing equipment requires a New Source Review (NSR) license processed under Chapter 115.

In addition to NSR licenses, major sources are required to obtain and maintain an air emission license, known as a “Part 70” or “Title V” license, processed under Chapter 140.

New Source Review (NSR) Application Forms (Chapter 115)

Title V Application Forms (Chapter 140)

Applications for Initial Title V Licenses or Renewal of Existing Title V Licenses

Note: Chapter 140 states applicants should submit the last completed application form with new information indicated. We request that facilities please not do this, but instead complete the new application forms with current information only. Please contact Air Licensing staff with any questions.

Applications for Part 70 (Title V) Significant Modifications, Minor Modifications, or Administrative Revisions

License Transfer Application

Complete air emission license applications should be mailed to:

Bureau of Air Quality
17 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0017