Bureau of Air Quality - Notice of Relocation

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(Examples: A-425-71-G-R or CIN-000179)

The portable equipment, as specified below, will be moved:

Street Address * Town *

Street Address * Town *



We have made provisions to ensure that water and/or electrical power will be available to supply the necessary emission control equipment, and all equipment will be operated in compliance with the facility’s Air Emission License or General Permit at this new location. We have notified the Town/City (County Commissioner if located in an unorganized territory) of our plan to relocate there.

Please select one of the following:

All equipment associated with the above referenced license/general permit is covered by this relocation.


Only the following equipment is covered by this relocation. (If your facility is relocating only some of the equipment covered by your air emission license, please list below the equipment that is moving, e.g. Cone Crusher #1, Generator #2, etc.)

I will establish and maintain a program of best management practices for dust control, will operate all emission units and air pollution systems in a manner consistent with good air pollution control practice, and will comply with emission standards and conditions of the Air Emission License/General Permit.