Organization Structure

The Maine Criminal Justice Academy staff consists of the Director of the Academy who also serves as the Executive Director of the Board of Trustees, the Staff Development Coordinator, who manages the Academy's training programs, sic Training Coordinators who facilitate basic, in-service and regional training, a clerical staff supervisor who oversees the five Office Associate IIs who are responsible for maintenance of training records.

  • Director
    • Assistant Director/Staff Development Coordinator
      • 6 Training Coordinators
    • Clerical Staff Supervisor
      • 5 Office Associate II

Contact Info

Maine Criminal Justice Academy
15 Oak Grove Road
Vassalboro, Maine 04989

Phone: (207) 877-8000
Fax: (207) 877-8027
When faxing, please include a cover sheet, indicating which staff member the fax is for.

Name Division


Phone Email
Jack Peck Admin Director 877-8011

Lincoln Ryder Admin Assistant Director, Executive Certifications. 877-8008
James Lyman Training Coordinator - Public Records Requests, Breath Testing, Crash, Electronic Speed Measurement Devices, Crisis Negotiators, LE Chaplains, Municipal Ordinance Prosecution. 877-8009
Alan Gregory Training Coordinator - Law Enforcement Pre-Service, Law Enforcement Recertification, Methods of Instruction, Supervisor Development, Judicial Marshals, & Capitol Police. 877-8016
Don Finnegan Training Coordinator - Drug Recognition Experts, ARIDE, Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Intermediate & Advanced Officer, Investigation courses, New Chiefs Seminar, Harbormasters, Shellfish Wardens. 877-8014
Joshua Daley Training Coordinator - Use of Force (Firearms, Mechanics of Arrest, Restraint & Control, MERC, Interactive Use of Force), K-9, Tactical Teams, EVOC, Physical Fitness Testing. 877-8020
Darin Gilbert Training Coordinator - Basic Law Enforcement Training Program, LE Training Waivers, Field Training Officer / Police Training Officer, School Resource Officers, Federal Officers w/ Limited Arrest Authority. 877-8035

Rafael Garza

Training Coordinator - Basic Corrections Training Program, Basic Juvenile Corrections, Corrections Waivers & Recertification, Transport Officers, Probation & Parole, Intermediate & Advanced Corrections Certificates. 877-8006
John Lappin DOC Liaison Department of Corrections Staff Development Coordinator 877-8023
Karen Green Support Supervisor Office Associate II Supervisor 877-8003
Debbie Dalzell Support Office Associate II 877-8015

Nellie Raymond Support Office Associate II 877-8024
Cheryl Twitchell Support Office Associate II 877-8018

Cassandra Pierce

Support Office Associate II 877-8031
Amber Cartier Support Office Associate II 877-8000