A Message from the Chair 

maine criminal justice academy facility, picture of the building

It is my distinct honor to serve the citizens of Maine as the Chair of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy’s Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees consists of seventeen members, five of whom serve by virtue of their public office.  The other twelve members are appointed by the Governor to serve for a term of three years.  Members of the Board include representatives from; municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement, state and county corrections officers, and five citizen members who are not and never have been a sworn member of a law enforcement agency.  This broad-based representation is intended to ensure that the best interests of the people of the State of Maine are served. 

The duties of the Board of Trustees include; the training and certification of all law enforcement and corrections officers in the State of Maine; establishing admission and graduation standards; certification of police chiefs, sheriffs and jail administrators; other training programs considered to be beneficial to law enforcement officers, corrections officers, and other criminal justice personnel; and establishing the minimum standards for mandatory law enforcement policies as required by State statute. 

The Board is also responsible for certifying instructors and in-service training programs for our law enforcement and corrections personnel in the State.  Finally, the Board is responsible for the revocation or suspension of law enforcement and corrections officer’s certifications who fail to meet mandatory training standards or who engage in criminal or other disqualifying conduct.

As representatives of the people of Maine, the Board of Trustees remains fully committed to promoting the highest standards of professionalism and training for our law enforcement and corrections officers throughout the State.  

Brian R. Pellerin, Chair
Board of Trustees