National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week
October 22-28, 2023

Messages, tools and resources for Lead Poisoning Prevention Fund partners and interested organizations.

Please contact Erin Arneson (207-287-5307) with any questions.

Use this toolkit to publish social media posts, an e-newsletter, or an article for any print or web outlets that you think appropriate, like your organization's newsletter or website, your local paper, etc.

2023 LPPW Toolkit (Word)

Photos (Compressed Folder)

Social Media
Follow Maine CDC on Twitter and Facebook to re-tweet and re-post daily lead poisoning prevention. Or use the tips below to post on your organizations social media sites to promote lead poisoning prevention.

  • Lead Poisoning Tip: Assume your home has lead paint in it if it was built before 1950. Be lead-safe when you clean, paint and fix-up your home. More info.
  • Lead Poisoning Tip: Live in an old home? Ask your doctor to test your young children for lead even if they seem healthy. More info. for parents.
  • Lead Poisoning Tip: Hire an RRP certified contractor to paint or work on your home if it was built before 1978. Find out more.
  • Lead Poisoning Tip: Report chipped or cracked paint to your landlord if you live in an older home built before 1978. More info.
  • Lead Poisoning Tip: Don't bring lead home from your job to your home and family. More info.
  • Lead Poisoning Tip: Make sure your children do not chew on painted surfaces, such as window sills. More info. for parents.

Flair for the Web
Buttons, badges, banners, widgets, e-cards, podcasts, videos… HUD External site disclaimer has several items you can publish on your website or on your social media site to promote National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week.