LUPC - Applications and Permits

The LUPC Permits table is posted in real time. It is sortable and identifies applications which were recently entered (Logged Date) and are currently pending before the Maine Land Use Planning Commission. This table also identifies applications that have been acted upon (Decision Date) by the Commission or its staff.

The LUPC regional contact list provides staff contact information for all 5 regional offices and the Augusta office.

Permits are posted in real time and reflect the previous month of activity. Additional information concerning these applications may be obtained by calling the Commission at (207) 287-2631.

Comments by interested parties on new applications or amendments received within 5 calendar days of the “Logged Date” for each permit will be considered by the Commission or its staff when reviewing the permit applications.

Any person aggrieved by a staff or Commission decision, may appeal the decision within 30 calendar days of the “Decision Date”.

Tracking# Permit# Staff Location County Waterbody Permittee Nature of Proposal Logged Date Decision Date Status