Vocational Rehabilitation

See Title 39-A M.R.S.A. §217

The Board amended its Rules, effective September 1, 2018. To view changes to Vocational Rehabilitation, please see Chapter 6.

The following is a list of employment rehabilitation providers that have been appointed by the Board of Directors.

Employment Rehabilitation Providers- updated 1/15/2019 (PDF)

Provider Application – Effective 9/1/2018 (fillable PDF)


Application for Evaluation Employment Rehabilitation Services Pursuant to 39-A M.R.S.A.   217(1) (PDF)

Petition to Determine Entitlement to Rehabilitation Services Pursuant to 39-A M.R.S.A.   217(2) (PDF)

Application for Wage Credit Employment Rehabilitation Fund (PDF)

Supplemental Benefits Fund

Any questions or concerns should be directed to Lindsay Lizzotte via email at Lindsay.Lizzotte@maine.gov .