Insurance Coverage Verification

The Insurance Coverage Unit assists with problem claims including the proper identification of insurance coverage, the proper identification of employers, as well as identifying address changes for employers. The Coverage staff works closely with the Abuse Investigation Unit regarding problems associated with coverage enforcement. The Unit cooperates with the MAE program to identify carriers and self-insureds that consistently fail to file required information in a timely manner. And, it assists the Bureau of Labor Standards to maintain an accurate and up-to-date employer database, utilized by both departments.

The Unit also researches the history of employer insurance coverage in order to certify the accuracy of these records. This is particularly important for many of the claims at formal hearing, especially where there is a controversy as to the liability for the payment of the claim. Since workers' compensation coverage in Maine is mandatory, the Unit routinely provides assistance to the public regarding insurance coverage requirements.

For more information regarding the Insurance Coverage Unit, please contact Sarah Mare at (207) 287-7097.

This page is intended to provide links for anybody who needs to verify that an employer has workers' compensation insurance coverage in the state of Maine.

A list of authorized self insurers (Excel) This list has been updated with the current active Self-Insurers (3-30-20). Please check this list first before proceeding to the following link:

Verify insurance coverage for an insured/employer (Link works best using Chrome browser)

Please note: By clicking on the above link you will be leaving the MWCB website.

If you are unable to verify coverage via one of the above links, please email with the name and address of the employer along with the date of injury.