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Can't find what you are looking for in the Maine State Library collection?  We may be able to track the item down for you at another library.  Use the form below to make your request and library staff will search for the title from the catalogs of other institutions around Maine.

Please fill in as completely as possible, and only one request per form. If you have questions, please call the reference desk at 207-287-5609.

Why only one request per form?

The Maine State Library needs separate requests for each item. Staff search for, and fill requests from many collections and multiple requests from the same person get separated, depending on the lending source. To save time for yourself with multiple requests, use your browser's "Back" button; most browsers will still retain your information.

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For multiple requests, try using your "Back" button after you submit your first request. Many browsers still have your information and you can just change the book information.

A copy of your title request will be sent to the email address provided.