Maine State Government Documents (StateDocs)

This Maine State Documents Repository marks a new era in how the Maine State Library collects, stores, and makes available state government documents to Maine citizens, researchers, and state agencies. The StateDocs repository, representing 21st century digital storage capabilities, is an example of modernization in government and increased transparency. Maine citizens and researchers will have the benefit of accessing important state agency publications utilizing easy 21st century search techniques (e.g. Google).

To State Agencies

State law, Title 1, Chapter 13, Section 501-A, requires agencies to deposit copies of all their publications (see law for more detail) with the Maine State Library to serve as a permanent record. Since many agencies do not keep copies of their own, this requirement ensures that these publications will always be available as public documents.

Check Government Documents FAQs for Contributors to the State Document Repository. Need training or help submitting documents? Email or call Tel: 287-5612.

How to obtain copies of past listed publications

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