About the program

The Maine CDC Cancer Prevention & Control Programs are comprised of the following components:

Through coordinated and integrated strategies, the Maine CDC Cancer Prevention & Control Programs address the state's cancer burden by: 1) conducting cancer surveillance, 2) increasing access to cancer screening, 3) improving health outcomes for people living with cancer, and 4) providing the evidence for and evaluation of policy and environmental approaches.

Program activities

The leading cause of death in Maine is cancer, and Maine has substantially and significantly higher cancer death rates than the rest of US. The common goals of the Maine CDC Cancer Prevention & Control Programs help to reduce in cancer mortality, and increase cancer screening rates by:

  • Providing reports on cancer incidence and mortality rates as well as information on risk factors, prevention and early detection of various cancers.
  • Providing no-cost or reduced-cost breast and cervical screening and diagnosis services for Mainers who qualify.
  • Promoting awareness of screening services and guidelines, and the importance of screening and early detection.
  • Providing public and professional education.
  • Promoting healthy behaviors, reducing cancer disparities, and fostering statewide partnerships that enable a synergistic approach to reducing the physical, emotional and economic impact of cancer.

Funding source

  • US CDC FOA DP12-1205 - Cancer Prevention and Control Program for State, Territorial and Tribal Organizations
  • US CDC FOA DP14-1414 - Integrating Colorectal Cancer Screening within Chronic Disease Programs 

Contact Information

Maine CDC Cancer Registry
Katherine Boris

Maine CDC Breast and Cervical Health Program
Eric Spear

Maine CDC Comprehensive Cancer Control Program
Becky Pearce

Updated October 2018