Zoonotic Disease Train-the-Trainer Course

Course Overview

chickens in a barn

The Zoonotic Diseases Train-the-Trainer course is designed to provide youth leaders and educators (especially those with agricultural ties) with a comprehensive course designed to be used to educate kids on zoonotic diseases and how to prevent them.
This course contains:

The course is free to use, download, print, and share.


Course Materials

Informational PowerPoints & Educator's Guide

Group Activities

campylobacter vocabulary card campylobacter definition vocabulary card Disease outbreak vocabulary card Disease outbreak definition vocabulary card fomite vocabulary card fomite definition vocabulary card

Germ-O box cover E. coli germ-O card campylobacter germ-O card influenza germ-o card biosecurity germ-o card

*If you are a youth agricultural leader and would like to request a copy of the matching game or germ-o game, please email influenza.ddhs@maine.gov.

Disease Fact Sheets

Additional Resources