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Lyme Disease Resources for Educators (5th grade curriculum)

The following educational materials have been provided for a pilot tick education program for school nurses and 5th grade teachers. The program is called "Ticks: Know Your Enemy". Materials were assembled by the Maine Vector-borne Disease Working Group, Youth Education Subcommittee. These materials are also available to the general public.

Mission Statement

“Ticks: Know Your Enemy” Educational Powerpoint Presentation

Sesame Street Movie “Lyme Disease: Facts for Kids

You may download Do a Tick Check (42MB) or view it below.

Do A Tick Check

Lyme Disease Resource Links

Educational Materials

Activities for Students

Donor acknowledgement 

"Ticks: Know Your Enemy" 2008 Pilot Program - Teacher Feedback Survey  

This feedback survey was developed for educators who have integrated "Ticks: Know Your Enemy" into their 5th grade curricula. Completed surveys give the Youth Education Subcommittee members pertinent information to improve the “Ticks, Know Your Enemy” program. All surveys are confidential and are only shared among committee members.