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Nordic Aquafarms, Inc. - Belfast

In June 2019, the Board voted to assume original licensing jurisdiction over the applications of Nordic Aquafarm, Inc. (“Nordic”) for a combined Site Location of Development Law and Natural Resources Protection Act permit, an Air Emission License, and a combined Maine Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit and Waste Discharge License (“the Nordic licenses”) for a proposed Recirculating Aquaculture System for Atlantic salmon production in Belfast and Northport. The Board held a hearing on the applications and, on November 19, 2020, conditionally-approved the applications.

Subsequently, Jeffrey R. Mabee and Judith B. Grace, the Maine Lobstering Union, and commercial crab and lobster license holders David Black and Wayne Canning; Friends of the Harriet L. Hartley Conservation Area; and Upstream Watch appealed the Nordic licenses to Superior Court.  

On May 10, 2023, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, sitting as the Law Court, issued its Order of Remand (Docket No. BCD-2022-48) to the Maine Superior Court, Business & Consumer Docket (“BCD”), with further instructions to remand to the Board so that the Board may determine the impact, if any, of Mabee v. Nordic Aquafarms, Inc. (2023 ME 15, 290 A.3d 79) on the Nordic licenses. On May 15, 2023, the BCD issued its Order on Remand (Docket No. BCD-APP-2021-009) consistent with the Law Court’s Order of Remand. The Board has initiated Remand Proceedings in response to the issuance of the Court Remand Orders. 

Relevant documents filed with or issued by the Board related to the Remand Proceedings will be posted on this website. Additional information regarding the Nordic licenses, including subsequent actions taken by the Commissioner of the Department, is available on the Department’s Major Projects website. Persons who wish to receive direct notice of Board meetings and decisions regarding the Remand Proceedings may request to be added to an Interested Persons list by contacting Board Executive Analyst William F. Hinkel at bill.hinkel@maine or 207-314-1458.

02-16-2023 Jeffrey R. Mabee et.al. v. Nordic Aquafarms Inc. et. al. 

05-10-2023 Law Court Order of Remand

05-15-2023 Superior Court Order of Remand

06-29-2023 Order Denying Motion for Reconsideration Upstream Watch et.al. v. BEP BCD -22-48

07-05-2023 Friends of the Harriet L. Hartley Conservation Area Motion to Intervene

07-05-2023 Mabee et. al. Motion to Vacate

07-07-2023 Upstream Watch Petrion for Revocation

07-14-2023 BEP Service List for Nordic Aquarfarms Inc. Remand

07-14-2023 Letter from Board Regarding Nordic Remand Order

07-26-2023 Letter from Board Regarding Nordic Remand Procedure

08-09-2023 Upstream Watch Objection to 07-26-2023 BEP Process Letter with Offer of Proof

08-09-2023 Mabee Grace et.al. Objection and Offer of Proof

08-09-2023 Northport Village Corporation Object to Remand Process

08-09-2023 MGLF Objection to Remand Process

08-14-2023 Nordic Procedural Response

08-16-2023 Presiding Officer Ruling on Objections to Nordic Remand Procedure

08-18-2023 Upstream Watch Brief on Remand REDACTED

08-18-2023 Lobstering Brief on Remand REDACTED

08-18-2023 Mabee Grace and Friends Brief on Remand REDACTED

08-21-2023 Nordic Board Remand Brief

08-21-2023 Lannan_Northport Village Corporation on Remand and Objection to Board Process

09-08-2023 Request of Mabee Grace et.al. to reopen to Board Process

09-12-2023 Presiding Officer Letter Re: brief redactions and request to reopen record

09-21-2023 Nordic Aquafarms Briefing at Board of Environmental Protection meeting

09-26-2023 Presiding Officer letter Re: MGLF objections and Reichard email

10-17-2023 Presiding Officer letter Re: Kim Tucker motion to recuse Board Member Pelletier

New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC)

On May 11, 2020, the Commissioner of the Department conditionally approved the permit applications Central Maine Power Company (CMP) to construct the NECEC project (NECEC Order). On December 4, 2020, the Commissioner approved the application of CMP and NECEC Transmission LLC to partially transfer to NECEC Transmission LLC the NECEC Order.

Three appeals of the NECEC Order were timely filed with the Board of Environmental Protection by the Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM), NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, and the West Forks Group, a group of persons who intervened in the Department licensing proceeding. NRCM also filed a timely appeal of the December 2020 Transfer Order. The Board decided the appeals on July 21, 2022.

 2022-07-21 NECEC Final Board Order

Record materials for the NECEC project may be viewed on the Department's web page.