statre of maine logo with beeTeaching Integrated Pest Management in the Classroom—Middle School Curriculum

Middle School Greenhouse and Garden Lessons

The following IPM lessons are connected to Greenhouses and Gardens.

University of Connecticut’s Integrated Pest Management Curriculum

  • Dormant Demons (plant life cycles, seed banks, mulching, weed management)
  • Design a Landscape (determine appropriate plants for an area, and design a landscape plan for a typical home or “pocket park”)

Cornell University, New York State Integrated Pest Management Program: Teaching IPM

Visit the Cornell University site to find many Middle School IPM lesson plans. Some of the lessons relevant to greenhouse and gardens are listed below.

  • Green Science: Composting for Better Soil (teach students all about composting and start your own composting project at your school)
  • Green Science: Student Scientists Activity #1: Your Garden Space (factors to consider when designing your garden)
  • Green Science: Student Scientists Activity #2: Soil (soil compaction, pH and drainage)
  • View all Cornell University IPM Lessons

[Photo: (flowers between greenhouses) Milton Tignor,]