Teaching Integrated Pest Management in the Classroom—IPM For Kids!

Chase DB, Dirty Bug DB Pest Game - Chase DB (also known as Dirty Bug) through a home to answer pesticide safety  questions.
IPM Super Sleuth - Pick a case to solve, IPM Sleuth!
Household products Learn About Chemicals - Go on a Home Tour with EPA and learn all about different chemicals found in your home.
PestWorldForKids.org - Test your pest knowledge and skills with these learning games! For kids of all ages, and especially for those in third through fifth grade.
Penny Poe
Pest Private Eye- See if YOU can be a Pest Private Eye and solve all the puzzles!
Tick Tackler- Can you take on the army of ticks?  
Yucky Bug World
Yucky Roach World- For all those who love roaches (and those who don't!)
mosquito safari

 Mosquito Safari - Search out and eliminate places where disease-carrying mosquitoes