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Teaching Integrated Pest Management in the Classroom—Elementary School Resources

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Other IPM Related Projects, Games and Activities

  • The Lost Lady Bug Project
    Get your kids involved in The Lost Lady Bug Project! The focus of this project is to track lady bug species abundance and distribution as some native species become increasingly rare. You can help by taking your kids outdoors, searching for lady bugs and documenting where and when you found them. Includes K-6 curriculum, references and interactive games for students.
  • IPM Super Sleuth
    IPM Institute has an interactive webpage for K-7 students to investigate common pests. Word searches, crosswords and matching games.
  • Bug-Go from University of Kentucky Integrated Pest Management
    A bingo like game that explores common beneficials and pests.
  • Help! Its a Roach!
    Interactive website about cockroaches from the EPA for kids. Learn facts about roaches and safe ways to prevent them from invading your home.
    Head lice news, teacher resources and an interactive kids section that teachers young students basic facts about head lice and how it is spread. From the National Pediculosis Association Inc.
  • Pest Private Eye
    Interactive pest investigation game for students from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. Kids navigate their way through a school searching for pests and ways to fix future pest problems using integrated pest management principles. Suited for older elementary students.
  • Bug Scope Project
    Sign up for a free interactive session with a scanning electron microscope to explore the microscopic world of insects.
  • Tickles and Tick Tacklers Interactive Video Game
    Introductory video, interactive game and PowerPoint presentations on ticks and Lyme disease for grades 4-8 from the Lyme Disease Association.
  • BLAST Lyme Disease
    Three Powerpoint presentations available for use in grade K-8 classrooms that teaches about ticks and Lyme disease.

Background References

Additional background information on integrated pest management, how it is applied and other IPM-related reference resources.