Brassua Lake Concept Plan

Poplar Hill, Brassua Lake

Tomhegan Township, Somerset County

Submitted by Moosehead Wildlands, Inc.
Approved by the Maine Land Use Regulation Commission
Effective Date: January 29, 2004

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Download the entire plan (PDF, 3 MB)
View the concept plan map (JPEG, 541KB)


Summary Materials (PDF, 925 KB)

Cover Page
Table of Contents
Fact Sheet
Map 6 - Brassua Lake Concept Plan

I. Introduction (PDF, 57 KB)

II. Overview of the Ownership (PDF, 99 KB)

III. The Concept Plan(PDF, 71 KB)

IV. Concept Plan Implementation(PDF, 111 KB)

V. Review Criteria for Lake Concept Plans(PDF, 79 KB)

VI. Conservation Easement (PDF, 98 KB)

VII. Appendices(PDF, 736 KB)

Maps and Photographs (not available in digital format)