About Us

Bureau of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources employees, as part of the professional staff of Maine's largest natural resource agency, the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, are dedicated to the advancement of Maine's agricultural interests. The Bureau has the primary responsibility for animal and plant health, on farm and consumer quality assurance, agricultural product marketing, and partnerships that promote rural educational events. The Bureau is also charged with developing the public understanding of Maine agricultures' importance to the State's economy, the vitality of rural communities and Maine's quality of life.

Bureau of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources practices involve:

  • Creating opportunities for Maine agricultural interests to succeed in growing and marketing food and fiber.
  • Promoting the stewardship of Maine's natural resources for the use and enjoyment of future generations.
  • Expanding Maine agriculture by partnering with individuals and organizations that provide leadership and innovation.
  • Ensuring a safe, wholesome and high quality food supply.
  • Protecting the integrity of commercial and consumer transactions.
  • Fostering an environment built around teamwork, trust, creativity and professional growth.