Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

The Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (DACF) is dedicated to assisting farms impacted by PFAS contamination. Under the direction of the Mills Administration and with bipartisan Legislative support, DACF has created a pioneering technical and financial assistance program that assists affected farmers in navigating the uncertainties of PFAS contamination.

Our primary focus is to safeguard human health and ensure the viability of farms. DACF staff work directly with impacted farms to identify the sources of contamination, recommend mitigation strategies, and provide technical assistance. The discovery of PFAS on a farm is undeniably challenging, but with support from DACF's Bureau of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Resources, some farms can make adjustments that allow them to remain in business and ultimately produce safe food. These changes often require significant financial resources, which the Bureau, as well as the Fund to Address PFAS Contamination, may be able to provide. Importantly, Maine has learned that PFAS does not have to mean the end of a farm.

Please explore these webpages explaining how DACF is working to protect both agriculture and human health in Maine's vibrant farming community. Together with our producers and many critical partners, we are pursuing resilience and innovation in the face of PFAS contamination.

Amanda E. Beal

Learn More about DACF's PFAS Response Efforts

PFAS Response

Maine aims to protect farmers and consumers, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the agricultural sector while leading the nation in responding to the PFAS issue. Read More About Maine's PFAS Response Efforts

PFAS Assistance

DACF is providing direct support to impacted farmers, including assistance with water filtration, testing, management, redesigns, and lost income replacement during the discovery and mitigation process. Read More About Maine's PFAS Assistance Programming


The Fund to Address PFAS Contamination allows Maine to lead the nation in aiding commercial farmers to overcome the challenges presented by PFAS contamination. It will propel critical ag-PFAS research, directly assist farmers, purchase contaminated land, and support health-related activities. Read More About Maine's PFAS Fund