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Starting a Business
Business Answers, Planning, Financing, Getting Started, Forms & Fees, Business Property
Business Licensing
How to Get a Business License, Other Licensing & Permit Requirements
Corporate Resources
Online Services, Resources for Starting or Running a Corporation
Business Taxes
File Taxes Electronically, Get Tax Forms and Information
Employer Resources
Hiring & Employee Management, Labor Market Information, Unemployment Insurance & Taxes, Workers' Compensation, Workplace Safety, Federal Resources
Agriculture & Industry
Agriculture Industry, Agriculture Boards & Commissions, Timber, Forest, & Paper Industry, Marine Fishing & Commerce, Shipping, Tourism & Film Industry

Business Answers

Get answers to all of your questions about starting or growing your business in Maine.

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Economic Development
Business Climate, Business Incentives, Labor Market, Rural Development, Community Development, International Trade, Technology
Laws & Regulations
Ask the Expert, Labor Laws, Employment Laws & Standards, Required Posters, Environmental Regulation & Licensing, Workers' Compensation Law
Resources by Profession
Licensing & Regulatory Information Listed by Profession.
Procurement & Vendor Information
How to Do Business with the State of Maine, RFPs, Bid Opportunities