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Financial Institution Application Forms

The Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions regulates ONLY banks and credit unions.  If you are seeking a license for other types of companies, such as mortgage companies and auto finance companies, including companies that are organized as independent subsidiaries of a bank or credit union, please contact the Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection, phone  (207) 624-8527.

If you have any questions related to banks or credit unions, please contact the Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions, phone (207) 624-8570.

Unless otherwise indicated, forms below are produced in Adobe Acrobat.

Payroll Processor Application

Form BFI-5 (Microsoft Word document)

Payroll Processing Surety Bond Form

Form BFI-5 (Microsoft Word document)

Application to Establish a Non-depository Trust Company

Form BB-4A - PDF

Form BB-4A - Word

Application to Establish an Uninsured Bank or a Merchant Bank

Form BFI-4X - PDF

Form BFI-4X - Word

Biographical and Financial Report for Non-depository Trust Company Application, Uninsured Bank Application and Merchant Bank Application

Biographical - PDF

Biographical - Word

Application to Convert From Federal to State Charter

Form BFI-4C - PDF

Form BFI-4C - Word

Application to Organize a Credit Union

Form BB-16

Application to Convert From Federal to State Charter (Credit Unions)

Form BB-23

Notice of ByLaw Amendment - Change in Field of Membership (Credit Unions)

Form BFI-2 (Replacing Form BB-CUFOM)

Restricted Terms Filing(s)

Form BFI-1 (Replaces Forms BB-35 and BB-36)

Maine Consumer Credit Code Notification - Form BB-34

Form BB-34


Last Updated: September 13, 2019