Data, Research and Vital Statistics

The Program: Data, Research and Vital Statistics (DRVS) administers Maine's vital statistics system and provides quantitative information for surveillance, planning, policy development, program management and evaluation. It produces detailed population estimates for use within and outside the Department of Health and Human Services and compiles data on health status and health resources. These functions are accomplished through the development and implementation of data collection, data processing and analytical activities. The office provides technical assistance and consultation on survey procedures and statistical analysis to other agencies in the Department of Health and Human Services.

The Problem: State laws require estimation of the population of each town in the state at least biennially. Evaluating the adequacy of health care status requires information on the number, distribution and characteristics of health personnel which are not available from other sources.

Priority Population: Health status and manpower data are used by public and private agencies, organizations and businesses as well as school districts, universities and the public. The data are used for public health surveillance of diseases and problems prevalent in the population and for planning at the national, state, community and program levels of government.

Program Activities:

  • Analyzes data, prepares reports and provides computer services for DRVS
  • Compiles birth and death statistics
  • Provides population estimates
  • Conducts studies on demographic and census data and health status indicators
  • Provides data, technical assistance and consultation on research methods and statistical techniques to other state agencies
  • Maintains the Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System (CODES)

For information, contact us at:

Telephone: (207) 287-5500
FAX: (207) 287-5470

Postal address:

220 Capitol Street
11 State House Station
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Lobby Hours: 9am-4pm M-F