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New Well and New Source Approval

Before construction of a new public water source is initiated, proposed plans must be submitted to the DWP for approval. (22 M.R.S. §2612)

Step 1: Preliminary Approval

Before a new well is drilled, the selected site must be approved by the Drinking Water Program. The State of Maine Rules Relating to Drinking Water establishes a set-back for all wells of at least 300 feet from any potential sources of contamination (such as fuel tanks and leach fields). If site conditions so require, a waiver of this setback requirement may be requested.

Preliminary Approval requires that you submit 3 things:

  1. A Completed Application Form including a description of the facility and questions about the water system.

    Additional Resources for Filling-out the Application:

  2. A Location Map: An "x" drawn on a copy of a USGS topographic map or a map from the Maine Atlas and Gazetteer is sufficient.

  3. A Site Plan: A more detailed map of the well site and public water system property which includes:
    • a scale (1"=100' or larger)
    • potential sources of contamination within at least 300 feet of the well
    • property boundaries
    • a description of land uses on adjacent properties
    • the general slope of land near the well
    • surface water bodies near the well

Step 2: Final Approval

Once drilled, the well must be tested. This involves a pump test and tests of water quality.

Final approval requires:

  1. Well Construction Information: The well driller can provide you with information about the depth of the well, the length of casing, the type and depth of the pump, etc.

  2. Water Quality Data: After a pump test of at least 48 hours, samples must be collected and the water tested to ensure it meets drinking water standards. Contact the Drinking Water Program for a list of the tests required for your type of well.

If you have any further questions, contact your Public Water System Inspector or call the DWP main line, (207) 287-2070.

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Updated 11/30/2022