Laws & Rules

The Maine Charter School Commission is governed by Maine's charter school law and separate rules adopted by the Commission.


Maine's charter school law outlines the responsibilities of the Charter School Commission. No more than 10 public charter schools may operate at any time.


Maine's charter school law authorizes the Charter School Commission to adopt rules related to its procedures for authorizing public charter schools.

  • 90-668 Chapter 1 (DOC), Commission Organization and Operation (this rule chapter describes the organization and operation of the Maine Charter School Commission)  
  • 90-668 Chapter 2 (DOC), Procedures for Commission Authorization of Public Charter Schools (this rule chapter articulates the Maine Charter School Commission's procedures for soliciting, accepting and reviewing applications to form public charter schools.
  • 90-668 Chapter 3 (DOC), Procedures for Charter School Renewal (this rule sets forth the process by which the Maine Charter School Commission decides whether to renew the charter of a public charter school according to Title 20-A, 2411 of the Maine Revised Statutes"Charter Term and Renewal")

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Chart of Applicable Laws to Public Charter Schools (PDF)