January 6, 2023

Secretary Bellows Statement on Two Year Anniversary of Attack on U.S. Capitol


AUGUSTA — Secretary of State Shenna Bellows release the following statement on Friday, January 6, the two year anniversary of the attack on the U.S. Capitol and the peaceful transfer of power which occurred January 6, 2021:

“This week, both here in Augusta and in state capitols across the country, new and returning governors have been sworn into office following the conclusion of November’s elections. These ceremonies have been at once joyous and somber, as leaders from across the political spectrum take oaths of office, swearing to uphold the laws of the US and their state constitutions, and give speeches about their dedication to the people they govern.

“These various celebrations stand in stark contrast to the events at the U.S. Capitol two years ago, where – lied to by the very leaders they should be able to trust to peacefully transfer power when circumstances call for that – insurrectionists attacked the U.S. Capitol, interrupting Congressional proceedings, and endangering the lives of members of Congress, their staff, and law enforcement officers, some of whom died as a result.

“Democracy was under attack, but it prevailed. That makes today an important day to honor and celebrate all those who protected democracy that day and those election workers in our state and nationwide who continue to work to ensure free, fair and secure elections. On this solemn anniversary, I ask Mainers to join me in remembering and recommitting to the work to protect our elections and democracy itself.”