Annual Regulatory Agendas

If a Maine state agency plans any changes to its rule chapters during the coming year, it must file with the Secretary of State an "annual regulatory agenda" under the provisions of 5 MRS Section 8060. The filing deadline is 100 days after the end of the regular legislative session, so it varies from year to year.

2018-2019 Regulatory Agendas
2017-2018 Regulatory Agendas
2016-2017 Regulatory Agendas
2015-2016 Regulatory Agendas
2014-2015 Regulatory Agendas
2013-2014 Regulatory Agendas
2012-2013 Regulatory Agendas
2011-2012 Regulatory Agendas
2010-2011 Regulatory Agendas
2009-2010 Regulatory Agendas

Statute requires that the agencies include the following information:

  • A list of rules that the agency expects to propose;
  • The statutory basis for adoption;
  • The purpose of the rule;
  • The schedule for adoption;
  • A list of benefited and regulated parties;
  • A list of all emergency rules adopted since the last agenda; and
  • Whether consensus-based rule development will be employed.

Agencies which do not plan to undertake rule changes usually do not file an agenda.

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