Department of Health and Human Services

Chapter 110:
Regulations Governing the Licensing and Functioning of
Skilled Nursing Facilities and Nursing Facilities

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Department of the Secretary of State (Maine)

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Index (Table of Contents)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Obtaining a License
Chapter 3
Loss of, Renewal of, Temporary & Conditional License
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Facility Policies
Chapter 6
Contracts with Residents
Chapter 7
Residents' Property and Finances
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Resident Care Staffing
Chapter 10
Residents' Rights
Chapter 11
Physical/Chemical Restraints
Chapter 12
Pre-Admission Screening, Comprehensive Assessments and Plans of Care
Chapter 13
Nursing Services
Chapter 14
Social Services
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Physician Services
Chapter 17
Pharmaceutical Services
Chapter 18
Dietary Services
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Physical Plant
Chapter 21
Infection Control and Biomedical Waste
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Alzheimer's/Dementia Care Units
Appendix A
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