State of Maine

Rule Chapters for the Department of Education and State Board of Education

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05  071   Education - General
Ch. 4     Equal Educational Opportunity (a joint chapter with 94-348)
Ch. 4-A   Procedural Rule: Equal Educational Opportunity (a joint
          chapter with 94-348)
Ch. 7     Implementation of the Essential Programs and Services Funding Model
Ch. 13    Qualifying Examinations for Teachers, Educational Specialists,
          and Administrators
Ch. 14    Education of Homeless Students
Ch. 18    Licensure of Residential Child Care Facilities (Joint rule
          with 10-148 and 14-193)
Ch. 26    Rules Relating to Reorganization of School Administrative Districts
Ch. 28    Closing a School in the Unorganized Territory
Ch. 33    Rule Governing Physical Restraint and Seclusion
Ch. 38    Suicide Awareness and Prevention in Maine Public Schools
Ch. 40    Rule for Medication Administration in Maine Schools
Ch. 41    Offering Instruction Related to Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and
          the Use of an Automated External Defibrillator in Maine Public Schools
Ch. 45    Rule for Health Screening in Maine Public Schools
Ch. 60    New School Siting Approval
Ch. 61    Rules for Major Capital School Construction Projects
Ch. 64    Maine School Facilities Program and School Revolving Renovation Fund
          (a joint chapter with the Maine Municipal Bond Bank, 94-376)
Ch. 81    School Transportation Safety
Ch. 83    School Transportation Operations Program
Ch. 84    School Bus Refurbishment Program
Ch. 85    School Bus Purchase Program
Ch. 86    Maine Uniform School Bus Specifications
Ch. 101   Maine Unified Special Education Regulation Birth to Age Twenty
Ch. 104   Education Programs for Gifted and Talented Children
Ch. 112   Professional Standards Board
Ch. 114   Purpose, Standards and Procedures for the Review and Approval of
          Educational Personnel Preparation Programs
Ch. 115   The Credentialing of Education Personnel
          Part I, Standards and Procedures for Credentialing
          Part II, Requirements for Specific Certificates and Endorsements
Ch. 118   Purposes, Standards, and Procedures for Educational Personnel Support Systems (repealed as of July 1, 2018)
Ch. 119   Adjudicatory Proceedings on Certification Issues
Ch. 122   Grant Application and Award Procedure: Fund for the Efficient Delivery of
          Educational Services
Ch. 124   Basic Approval Standards: Public Preschool Programs
Ch. 125   Basic Approval Standards: Public Schools and School Administrative Units
Ch. 126   Immunization Requirements for School Children (a joint rule with the
          Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Disease Control
          and Prevention, Ch. 261)
Ch. 127   Instructional Program, Assessment, and Diploma Requirements
Ch. 128   Truants and Dropouts Guidelines
Ch. 131   The Maine Federal, State, and Local Accountability Standards
          (formerly "Rules for Learning Results")
Ch. 132   Learning Results: Parameters for Essential Instruction
Ch. 138   State Accreditation Standards and Processes
Ch. 140   Public Charter Schools
Ch. 147   Licensing of Privately Owned Business, Trade and Technical (Proprietary)
Ch. 149   Procedures for Obtaining Authorization for Institutions of Higher
          Education to Confer Academic Degrees or to Offer Degree Courses/Programs
          in the State of Maine
Ch. 150   Licensing Privately Owned Correspondence Schools
Ch. 161   Purchase and Storage of Hazardous Chemicals
Ch. 170   Evaluating Requests for Degree Authorization (Maine and Out-of-State
Ch. 180   Performance Evaluation and Professional Growth Systems
Ch. 221   Adult Education Administrative Cost Reimbursement
Ch. 222   Adult Career and Technical Education, and Workforce Training and
          Re-training, Cost Reimbursement
Ch. 225   Adult High School Completion Programs
Ch. 228   Standards for School-Based Child Care Services and Parenting / Child
          Development Education
Ch. 229   Adult Education Fees
Ch. 230   Adult Education Program Requirements
Ch. 231   Vocational Program and Funding Procedure
Ch. 232   Standard Criteria for Maine Secondary Vocational Programs
Ch. 236   Program Evaluation Requirements
Ch. 237   Live or Outside Work
Ch. 301   State Board of Education Members, Removal from Office by Governor
05  150   Blind and Visually Impaired Division
          (Moved to 12, Department of Labor on July 1, 1996)
05  152   Office of Rehabilitation Services
          (Moved to 12, Department of Labor on July 1, 1996)