Learning to drive is a significant milestone in a young person' s life and it is our goal at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to ensure that when a young person gets behind the wheel, he or she has the best tools available to be a safe, responsible driver. Parents/guardians share in this responsibility by ensuring that their teen drivers have supervised opportunities to develop good driving skills. We' ve provided several resources here to help parents and teens make the most of this learning experience:

  • Looking for information about the teen permitting and license process? It' s all here, on our Obtaining a License, with related links to answer all of your questions. You' ll find all the requirements and restrictions to which you' ll need to adhere during the permit period and while operating with the intermediate or provisional license (depending on your age).
  • Preparing for your written or road exam? Use our Study guide and visit our Exams page to get informed on what to expect during your road test.
  • Parents: Are you wondering how to approach teaching your teen to drive? The Parents' Supervised Driving Program, lays out all the steps and best practices for instructing your young driver. You may also want to consider the Parent/Teen driver contract to help you establish ground rules for using the car. It includes several handy tips for both parents and teens as they learn to drive.
  • Parents: Download the free RoadReady app to easily log your driving hours with your teen. This is an easy way to make sure they reach the 70 hours they need before they can get their license.
  • Have you been convicted of a moving violation or a license restriction violation? Visit our Intermediate/Provisional Suspension page to learn about the suspension periods and the process of getting back on track with your driver' s license, including information about the required juvenile traffic offender course

Distracted driving is a dangerous new trend behind the wheel, with many drivers using electronic devices when their eyes and attention should be on the road. Think it' s no big deal? You' ll think twice after watching this:

Take the pledge to never text and drive, and consider downloading an APP on your phone that will automatically reply to any texts, to let friends and family know you' re focused on driving and you' ll get back to them later. https://www.itcanwait.com/links

Need some more information and advice on teen driving? Here are some great links to trusted sources: